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The FindMe Virtual Launch Party

Join us on Instagram Live on Tuesday, March 31 at 2pm EDT for the virtual launch party of a lifetime! We’ll download the app, have demos, live feedback, trivia and giveaways to celebrate the launch of FindMe, the mobile app connecting minority military spouses and military members to local businesses and to each other with each PCS. RSVP here:


Have you ever felt trapped, and like you were unable to break free? I don’t mean in the physical sense where you’re physically bound, but mentally, emotionally, or spiritually held captive by your life? Full transparent moment… I have. I can honestly say that since our move I have placed myself on the back burner, and put the majority of my time, energy, and most importantly my thoughts into my family. You may be thinking, “you’re a wife and mother so why is that bad?” or “that’s what we do, we invest all of our time into our families.” But for me that was the problem. I was putting my all into mothering and “wife”ing (yup, I just made up a word), and not enough into myself. If you’re reading this post you may be in need of this reminder too. And that’s okay, we all need a reminder from…

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Published by Jennifer B.

I'm an attorney and milspouse (Chaplain's wife, USAF), navigating my way through our first PCS move. I like long walks on the beach...but since I'm in Nebraska, I'm making do with cornfields. *Kanye shrug*. I believe in sharing the knowledge I have, and hope to make a difference in someone's life by sharing.

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